Video 24 Apr

LOST MEMORIES (French, English Subtitles) from Francois Ferracci on Vimeo.

Paris, 2020.
A beautiful couple, a city over-saturated by holograms and digital stream.
A polaroid camera.
Tomorrow will never be the same.

Written, Directed and post-produced by Francois Ferracci.
With Luka Kellou and Magali Heu
Music by Alexandre fortuit
Manager: Scott Glassgold / IAM Entertainment

Making of visual effects here:

An interview about the film here:

Video 24 Apr

Nissan Juke ‘What if’ Dir Cut from UFO on Vimeo.

Client : Nissan
Product : Juke
Director : Sebastien Cannone
Production : UFO
Post Production :
Agency : TBWA / Else
TV Prod : Mélanie Bernard
Creatives : Rudi Anggono, Cecilia Astengo
Emilio Pastore, Gaelle Guillou
Account : Tomas Olabarri, Hafida Derouiche

Sound Design : (director version)

Video 24 Apr

Kindle - Paper & Pen: Making Of from on Vimeo.

Here is the Making-Of film of Troublemaker’s recent production, Paper & Pen, directed by Lucas Zanotto for Amazon China.

Video 24 Apr

Kindle - Paper & Pen from on Vimeo.

It may only be a paper moon sailing over a cardboard sea, but it isn’t make believe in Troublemaker’s latest production. Lucas Zanotto helms this colourful project that was commissioned by DDB China to showcase the versatile Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. The TV spot embraces the Paperwhite’s fusion of technology and the evocative macrocosm of the written word with physical puppetry complimented by hand-drawn computer animation.

Watch the Making Of:

Client - Amazon China
Agency - DDB China
Managing Director - Neil Holt

Creative Director - Tim Paradise
Art Director - David Li
Accounting Management - Rick Zheng

Production Company -
Director - Lucas Zanotto
Executive Producer - James Hagger
Production Manager - Aurélie Chevalier
Production Assistant - Charles-Philippe Bowles
Director of Photography - David Quesemand
Camera Assistant - Charlotte Bonfort
Art Director - Anne Delepoulle
Make-Up - Emmanuelle Rico-Chastelle
Grading - Media Lab
Actress - Anita Gillier
Music Studio - StudioKamp
Music & Sound Design - David Kamp

Video 22 Apr 1 note

BP Statistical Review of World Energy: 2012 Global Trend from dress code on Vimeo.

The 62nd BP Statistical Review of World Energy unlocks the story of global energy trends in 2012, including production, consumption, trade, reserves and prices.

Video 22 Apr
Video 13 Mar 3 notes

SHOWREEL 2014 / Julien Loth from Julien Loth on Vimeo.

Here is my new showreel for my 4th year at Supinfocom Valenciennes
Find more details about my projects here :
Music : Wave Racer - Streamers

Details :
00:08 Volcano (short movie) // Everything
00:10 La Colle Au Pinceau // Co-Directing, Modelisation, Animation, Rendering
00:14 HappyMeal & M&M’s // Everything except rigging by MacGuff
00:16 Dungeon of the Endless (Blackmeal) // Animation, lighting, Fx
00:18 Dyson // Everything
00:21 Volcano (short movie) // Everything
00:24 Dungeon of the Endless (Blackmeal) // Animation, lighting, Fx
00:27 La Boulangerie Delannay // Everything
00:29 Volcano (short movie) // Everything
00:32 La Colle Au Pinceau // Co-Directing, Modelisation, Animation, Rendering
00:36 HappyMeal & M&M’s // Everything except rigging by MacGuff
00:38 La Boulangerie Delannay // Everything
00:40 Volcano (short movie) // Everything
00:43 Happy in Space // Everything
00:46 La Boulangerie Delannay // Everything
00:48 Volcano (short movie) // Everything
00:50 La Colle Au Pinceau // Co-Directing, Modelisation, Animation, Rendering
00:53 Day’O // Everything
00:57 Volcano (short movie) // Everything
01:00 La Colle Au Pinceau // Co-Directing, Modelisation, Animation, Rendering
01:02 HappyMeal & M&M’s // Everything except rigging by MacGuff

Thank you for watching.

Video 7 Mar
Video 21 Feb

More Than Just a Hobby - trailer from Animade on Vimeo.

A little trailer for a little cowboy’s upcoming short.

Download the game from the App store:

Video 21 Feb

BonApp! from Ton Dirkx on Vimeo.

In deze animatievideo neemt Chef Albert je mee in de wereld van BonApp! Een app waarmee je leuke restaurants kunt ontdekken, en daarnaast punten kunt sparen voor korting.

Concept, Design & Animation: Ton Dirkx
Klant: BonApp!
Jaar: 2013

Video 21 Feb

Pideo App - Presentation from JelioDimitrov on Vimeo.

Motion graphic for pideo - video puzzle game for iOS.
Check the whole presentation here:

Video 21 Feb 1 note

Cinder: A Creative Coding Toolkit from The Barbarian Group on Vimeo.

Cinder is a powerful and intuitive tool for professional creative coding. Built in C++, the software is used for programming graphics, audio, video, image processing and computational geometry.

Cinder began its life at The Barbarian Group as an in-house resource for building interactive projects. Since the agency release Cinder to the open source community in 2010, the software has been actively used by independent artists, technology companies, advertising agencies, academic institutions, visual effects companies and design firms across the world.

In June 2013, the Cannes Lions Festival awarded the software the first ever Innovation Grand Prix, an accolade which recognizes the pioneering technology platforms driving creativity in advertising.

Cinder Website:
The Barbarian Group:

Video 21 Feb

Introducing the Superdesk from The Barbarian Group on Vimeo.

At The Barbarian Group, we believe in the power of ideas to provoke a reaction.  So when challenged with our own brief - to keep the Barbarian tribe happy and inspired everyday - we turned to Clive Wilkinson, an architect who shares our passion for interesting ideas in a world pre-disposed to boring sameness.

The challenge was to create the most collaborative, creative environment possible.  The result?  A desk that we could all share, literally - 4,400 square feet of undulating, unbroken awesomeness to keep people and ideas flowing.

Video 20 Feb 1 note

SPLASH from Paulo Wang on Vimeo.

"Splash" is something I made to learn the basics of fluid sims in RealFlow. Feels like I haven’t even scratched the surface yet, but for now I can hardly wait to get back to Mograph, Xpresso and the rest of it.

Made with Cinema 4D // Realflow // After Effects

Music: Pretty Lights - Understand Me Now (

Video 19 Feb

Capital One / Maps from TENDRIL on Vimeo.

The brief for both Capital One ‘Maps’ and ‘Chalkboard’ was to make them simultaneously fun and informative. Capital One campaigns always have a “tongue in cheek” quality with a “see and say” voice over, and we happily obliged to keep it that way.
There were a lot of icons to animate for both pieces, and the design stage was certainly intense. But after a 24-pack of Redbull and a board full of design experiments, our frames and ideas started to take shape.


Capital 1

Taxi 2

Jeff MacEachern

CW / AD:
Marko Pandza

Athena Kouverianos


Creative Directors:
Daniel Luna, Leo Mateus

Executive Producer:
Kate Bate

Anne Deslauriers

Yaniv Fridman, Leo Mateus, Daniel Luna

Yaniv Fridman, Renato Ferro

Luis Campos

Grayson Matthews

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