Video 7 Aug

Game of Thrones, Season 4 – VFX making of reel from Mackevision on Vimeo.

Mackevision is proud to be along with other world-class VFX studios part of this saga: Game of Thrones, Season 4

Year: 2014

Visual Effects Supervisor: Jörn Großhans
Visual Effects Producer: Katharina Kessler

Video 6 Aug

MTV - Confusão 30” from Santa Transmedia Productions on Vimeo.

MTV/Viacom Brazil issued us a challenge: to create a set of super-brazilian IDs with high-impact visuals. The goal was to explore FIFA’s World Cup in an unbiased way, keeping it in line with their target audience.

We chose to embrace reality and created, wrote and produced films about a World Cup that happens not only on TV or in stadiums, but also on the daily life of the ordinary brazilian citizen.

Vivid colors, imperfections and little bit of chaos were the ingredients to build an aesthetic that could synthesize Brazilians’ everyday lives in its most true and universal form, without being too regional or falling into the common places of national culture depictions.

A combination of live-action, rotoscopy, cel animation and motion graphics allowed us to achieve a final look able to give the piece all the fluidity and visual clutterness the narrative demanded.

Hope you like it!

Video 24 Jul

"Oomph" - Audi A1 from Emmanuel Saint M’leux on Vimeo.

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Creative Directors: Nick Kidney, Kevin Stark
Creative Team: Simon Pearse / Emmanuel Saint M’leux
TV Producer: Ruben Mercadal
Production Co: Rogue Films
Director: Sam Brown
Producer: James Howland
Photography: Tom Townend
Post Production: The Mill
Editing House: Final Cut
Editor: James Rosen

Video 24 Jul
Video 23 Jul

Pitchfork Music Festival 2014 Trailer from OPTIMUS DESIGN on Vimeo.

Continuing our ongoing collaboration with Pitchfork Music, we again created a trailer to promote this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival. We expanded and built upon the visual style of the festival’s website and managed to squeeze in all 43 of the artists performing this year.

Creative Director: Michael Renaud

Optimus Design
Creative Director: Donnie Bauer
Design & Animation: Mark Butchko

Music: Giorgio Moroder

Video 23 Jul

Face – We Project Future from we think things on Vimeo.

We were approached by the german non-profit organisation FACE to help them with their cause by creating a short explanatory animation film. Our animation will help raising funds for the construction of secondary schools and the continuing education of children in Malawi.

A special thanks goes out to Carolin Eichhorst, Dirk Austen and Torsten Strer for the great support of this project!


SCRIPT, DESIGN & ANIMATION: Pascal Monaco, Felix Meyer

SOUND TECHNICIAN: Dirk Austen / Paul Productions
VOICE: Carolin Eichhorst

Video 23 Jul

Traveling Lights from we think things on Vimeo.

To be honest – the idea for »Traveling Lights« came to us by accident. We were fooling around with geometric objects while developing a logo design. We liked the idea of combining simple shapes and then creating a completely new context, only by excluding intersecting shape areas. In our case – a circle and a triangle became the snowy top of a mountain in front of the sun. With this picture in mind we started developing a minimalistic world, brought to life by the use of ambient noise and a haunting minimalistic score.

Take a moment and lose yourself in the abstract realism of this world.

Production Company: We Think Things
Directors: We Think Things
Concept / Design / Animation: Felix Meyer, Pascal Monaco

Music & Sounddesign: Ulrich Troyer

Video 23 Jul

Nike — Diamond vs LeBron X from Cardboard Castle on Vimeo.

Hello All! Here is the latest creation from Cardboard Castle. This is yet another internal piece for Nike. We are going to keep pumping these out until Nike realizes they shouldn’t go anywhere else for their shoe porn :)

Home grown right here in Portland Or!

Below are the list of culprits who worked hard on making all the little bits and pieces do all the things they do.

Designed by Cooper Johnson
Art Directed by Dylan Leeds
Music and Audio mix by Dylan Leeds
Vray texting and lighting by Brian Smith
Animation by Jesse Liebhart (our Jr by the way! Knocked it out of the park)
Compositing by Blain Klitzke
Turbulence FD (smoke) by Blain Klitzke

Video 23 Jul
Video 23 Jul
Video 18 Jul

"Marley House - The Get Together" from Psyop on Vimeo.

House of Marley “The Get Together”

Gabriel Kuo – Creative Director (The House of Marley)
Tracy Anderson – Executive Producer (The House of Marley)
Niles Saulter – Director of Photography
Edward Grams - Additional Camera
Edward Grams - 2nd Unit DOP

Creative Director: Gerald Ding.
Executive Producer: Lydia Holness
Producer: Ryan Mack, Nick Read
Director of Photography: Nile Saulter
2nd Unit Director of Photography: Edward Grams
Editor: Cass Vanini.
Art Director: Hyun Sung Park
Lead Animator: Jamal Otolorin
2D Animator: Jeffrey Lai, Hyun Song
Compositor: Maxim Kornev
Colorist: Ron Sudul

Music Track:
Watch Out For This (Bumaye) [feat. Busy Signal, The Flexican & FS Green] by Major Lazer

Video 9 Jul

Bright Trailer from Moron Mountain on Vimeo.

Trailer for an animated short by Moron Mountain.
A story about 2 friends and a shocking invention that will change their world.

Video 9 Jul

Hemispheres from Killer Infographics on Vimeo.

This was a motion we took on just for fun from one of our infographics we made for Hemispheres!

Video 2 Jul

Drive-by Shooting: Using Your Car to Make Better Videos from Vimeo Video School on Vimeo.

Great filmmakers should never let a lack of funds get in the way of an epic project. If you’re searching for a piece of equipment to give your film a polished edge, look no further than your garage. A car can supply that extra professional look without costing extra professional dollars.

Eastern Sea - “A Lie” (
Riff Tiffs - “Snflwr” (
Walker Lukens & Grand Child - “Jim” (
Caddywhompus - “Eat Chest” (

Check out the full lesson here:

Also, take a gander at the behind the scenes footage:

Video 9 Jun

GUMBALL // CRCR from CRCR on Vimeo.

We had the chance to do a whole sequence for “The Kids”, the first episode of The Amazing World Of Gumball season 3.
A big thanks to the Cartoon Network team and Turner Broadcasting.

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